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                 Susquehanna River Fishing Report
Susquehanna River Pennsylvania Smallmouth Bass and Flathead Catfish

Sorry about the lack of reports!!

I hate to say it but when it comes to spending time on the water or time writing about it, guess which one wins??  I am really excited to say that I have added a couple Guides to the Jst Fishin' team.  I have always been hesitant to let people take my clients, but I have been so fortunate to be able to have Anthony, and now Chris and Matt as well.

Theres no need to worry if they will do a good job for you on your trip, because I promise you that I have the best on the river working for me, and they all follow the same philosophy as you have all experienced in the past.

So much for that, lets talk fishing.  With the Susquehanna going to the Closed BASS Season in May, we only have a few days left, so if you want to Bass Fish you better get your date in NOW.  Its been a great spring, and looks like the next couple weeks should stay that way.  The jerkbait has been our bait of choice but Tubes, Power Team Craw D'oeuvres, Big Bite Swimbaits, Spinnerbaits and evn some topwater baits have all had their time in the spotlight.  Water temps have been warmer than normal, but are actually getting closer to normal now. 

The Catfish are biting now but with the water being low and clear the bite hasn't been great.  As the Big Cat bite improves I'll be sure to keep updated. 

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  July 19th 2011

Susquehanna River Fishing

Its been a great summer so far. even though its still summer fishing. The Bass bite has been better than usual with Spinnerbaits and Swimbaits getting most of the action. A few Topwater fish can be had as well. Unlike any other year I can remember I have also kept a bottom bouncing bait tied on and caught fish consistently. The Power Team Craw D'oeurve is still catching fish for us.

The Catfishing on the other hand has been pretty steady.  THis week we have landed two really good fish. The first big one was  my sons biggest to date. He was with me on a scouting trip and he now holds the biggest of the year to date!! at 36 lbs and 43" long, that is a good mark to set the bar at.

Two days later a young client from Georgia landed a 34 and 27 lb fish back to back. I will post those pics as soon as I get them back. 

Both Bass and Catfish should continue to get better as fall approaches. Call to book your trip today

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well the past month or so has been a blurrrrrr. After the spring rains and nasty conditions, I have been on the water nearly every day for the past month and a half.

Last week we made our yearly vacation to Ocean City MD for some family fun (and FLOUNDER FISHING).  I typically get up early and fish till noon and most mornings were really decent. Most days I had the boat to myself, because the kids couldnt pass up the beach!! On a normal morning I  caught 20-40 flounder with a nice mix of keeper sized fish.  All the fish came on bucktails tipped with gulp swimming mullet, shrimp, or jerkshads.  If youve never tried jigging for flounder you have no idea what you are missing.

Anyway back to the Susquehanna. The Bass fishing has been unusually good for this time of year. Most of our fish area coming on tubes, Craw D'oeurves, spinnerbaits or crankbaits.  The bass have moved toward their summer time haunts but will still chase baits for now. The Walleye bite has backed off a good bit. We can still catch a few but that is quite typical for June.

The Catfishing has still been good. Right now the mix of Channel Cats and Flatheads is pretty even. We haven't boated any real giants in the last couple days, but the action is constant and the fish are all stong fighters. Most of our fish are coming on Cut and live baits. You can catch some small fish on Dip or Punch Baits, but I usually try to elminate that small fish bite if possible.

Remember Summer time offers a variety of opportunities for you and your family.

The Kids are out of school, why not put them back into a school.. of fish??.

From Panfish to Catfish or Bass, or a mix of them all. Call for available options.

Hope to see you all soon,


Susquehanna River Report 5/30/11

The Susquehanna has been really good the last few days. We have asome really good numbers of Smallmouth and Walleye ranging from very small to truly trophy sized fish.

A big number of out fish have come on Power Team Craw D'oeurves and Small Tubes. We have also had some very good crankbait bites. The X rap Shad as well as Bandit, Bomber and Norman Cranks all did very well.  As long as it hit the cover the fish will bite it.

Another bait that is quickly becoming a Favorite is the Big Bite Baits 4" Shad Awimbait rigged on a 3/8 oz jig head. This bait is a great value and a fish catching bait for sure.

The Catish bite has been good but not great. Good Numbers of fish are coming to the boat, but the big ones have been hiding the last few trips.

Looks like the river is going to be dropping fast so I am sure we will go from high and dirty to summer time lows in no time.

See you on the water


Susquehanna RIver Fishing Report 4/26/2011

It looks like the Catfishing may be our saving grace while the water continues to fluctuate and stay dirty.  We caught our first 30+lb fish this week. The Bar has been set at 32#. While I am sure it won't hold up long its  a great addition to the 30+ club. Congrats to Tom and Alex both for catching their personal best largest fish ever.

The Bass that we have caught the past week or so have mostly been caught on Spinnerbaits in Golden Shiner and Jig fish on Craw D'oeuvres in GP Light Blue swirl. We have also caught a few Walleye this weel on Gulp grubs in Chart and White.

We have also done pretty well this week on a Crappie Trip.

The next few weeks are pretty slim as far as open dates, but I will do my best as always to accomodate everyone's equest for your preferred dates.

Thanks and Hope to see you all soon


Susquehanna River Fishing Report 4/17/2011

Mother Nature sure is throwing us some wicked spring weather. The Susquehanna has been at or near caution stage a good bit the last few weeks. The only fishing we have had is Largemouth fishing in the local lakes. The Catfish bite is finally here and should continue to get better as the water warms. 

Hopefully these spring rains are soon done and we can get back to fishing.  

Check out the Jst Fishin Guide Service Page on Facebook. I will be updating on Facebook with reports daily.



I have added a 25' Pontoon Boat to accomodate larger groups or family trips. This is the ultimate rig for Catfishing or just a relaxing day of fishing for the entire family.



Please call for available dates


Call if you are looking for a date in the next few months. I do have dates open to get you to the Smallmouth or Flathead Catfish. 




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Susquehanna River Fishing Report 4/04/2011

Susquehanna River Fishing is back on track. This spring has been unusually cool and temperamental but fishing has been quite good. We have been fortunate enough to land 20 or more Smallmouth on most trips with some really quality fish. Most of our fish are being caught on Power Team Lures Craw D'oeuvres and jerkbaits. A few crankbait fish as well Most of the crankbait fish came on Bomber 6a's as well as the 7 a's in firetiger.

Catfish trips will start in a week or so

I still have a couple days open in April and May. Whether you fish with me or one of my other guides I assure you that you will be treated the way I would want to be treated

Thanks and I hope I get the chance to fish with you this year


Check out the Jst Fishin Guide Service Page on Facebook. I will be updating on Facebook with reports daily.


Susquehanna River Fishing Report 3/17/2011

Susquehanna River Fishing is Back!!!  WOO HOO!!!  Things were just starting to shape up and then heavens opened up and the river rose to flood stage. Well that trashed things for a week or so, but fishing is getting back to Spring normal. Smallmouth and Bass are ready to get some food and Jigs of various shapes and profiles are working. A few Jerkbait fish are being caught when you can find that special color water, but the jigs for now are the ticket. 

Walleye fishing is here as well. Gulp minnows or Jig and Minnows will catch good numbers of Walleye.  Smallmouth Bass will be mixed in with the Walleye as well.

Remember I offer discounted Winter Rates until March 25th. Our April and May Dates are filling fast so Call today to book your date.

Susquehanna River Fishing Report 2/4/2011

As I write this I look out my window to nothing but Snow and Ice, so I have little to report on the local fishing scene. Ther are a few guys ice fishing doing well and others fishing for Trout on local streams.

The biggest buzz is the Yellow Perch bite on the Lower Susquehanna River. The fishing has been really good for great numbers of keeper sized Yellow Perch.

Spring is right around the corner as every day there seems to be a new patch of flowing water. Get your gear ready now because it won't be long till the fish are biting well again.

If you are attending the shows please stop in and say hello. I will be at the following:

Harrisburg Sports Show  
Feb 5-13 at the Susquehanna Fishing Tackle Boooth

Oaks PA Sports Show    Feb 17-20  Shimano or Susquehanna Fishing Tackle booths

Be sure to look for me there. You all know I love to talk fishing!!!!

If you haven't done so already, get you dates booked soon for 2011.  I want the chance to fish with each and everyone of you, but there are only so many days.

Until the Water thaws......


Susquehanna River Fishing Report 11/16/2010

First of all I want to express my most sincere thanks for all the cards, notes, calls and prayers. The loss of my Dad, is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever encountered. Memories of time spent with my Dad as well as Uncle, Nephews, kids and other family members are certainly some of my fondest memories and will never be forgotten.

The fall has without a doubt been unusual. We have had some tremendous days and some not so tremendous days. It seems that one day the fish are moved into traditional fall time patterns feeding well, and the next they are scattered everywhere. The majority of our fish have been coming on moving baits like the Lucky Craft Pointers, Rapala XRap and a host of other Jerkbaits. We have also caught a few on jigs and rattle baits. One thing I will tell you is that you need to pay very close attention as to how the fish want the bait. Very small details are important when the bite is tough. Little things like casting angles and length of pause are vital to success.

The quality and health of fish is excellent. We are catching a great cross section of size classes which is great to see.

The Catfishing is coming close to the end till spring. We had some TREMENDOUS days with big cats. One day yielded 3 fish over 30 lbs and countless fish in the 20 lb class.

The Walleye are starting to show up for the late fall. I will be again offering winter time rates starting in December. If you are in need of a winter time FIX give me a shout. My schedule is very flexible in the cold months, so we can pick a good weather day.

Hope to see you all soon and have a great holiday season if I dont see you before


Susquehanna River Fishing Report 10/14/10

Mother Nature sent us some rain and some high water and the fish strapped on the feed bags. We had one of the better few weeks for Flathead Catfish and for Smallmouth Bass.

We caught more 30 lb + flatheads in the last weeks than we had all season so far. Included in those big ones was a new big fish of the year at 36+ lbs. Thats our second fish over 35 lbs in that time period.

The Smallmouth are also eating well for fall. In the dirty water we had a tremendous spinnerbait and Rattle bait bite and when it cleared the jerkbait took over producing good numbers of fish.

Rains coming this week should start that cycle again so if you are out with me in the next few weeks keep your fingers crossed.

Hope to see you all soon,


Susquehanna River Fishing Report 9/22/2010

The Smallmouth fishing has been very good and will continue to get better. We are throwing all moving baits like Jerkbaits, Topwaters and Spinnerbaits. The Sebile Stick Shad has also been producing very well. This is an interesting bait that really gets bites when you need to make the fish react.  Most trips have yielded good numbers as well as some big fish.

The flathead catfish bite is as good as its been all year. The fish have been feeding in short bursts and you just have to wait them out to hit those feeding frenzies. Several fish pushing the 30# class were caught this week.

September, Oct and November are prime months on the Susky for both species and my schedule is beginning to fill. Please call to reserve your date(s)

Susquehanna River Fishing Report 9/1/2010

The Smallmouth are starting to eat better and continue to get better with time. This has been a really wierd year, as far as the normal summertime bite. I believe that there are still alot of Crayfish on the bottom and the fish just dont want to chase moving baits as well as normal. Anyone that knows me knows how much I like throwing Spinnerbaits, and that bite has been hit or miss. Many days we have had to back to throwing slow moving baits which simply drives me NUTS!!  Tubes and Senkos have been our baits of choice as well as Gulp Minnows on a Drop Shot Rig. Flourocarbon main line or a Flouro leader on Power Pro Braid is a must for these conditions. I have been using Hi Seas 6-10lb Flourocarbon with great results.

The Flatheads have been very good with the exception of those bright, clear moonlit nights. A few 25+lb fish have been caught on recent trips, but its been a few trips since we have boated a 30#+ fish.  Live baits on the bottom or on a float rig have been the normal rigging. Many of our big fish have been coming fairly shallow well after dark.

Susquehanna River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report from 8/11/2010

Most of our Catfish trips have been good. We did have a couple slow trips mixed in but overall the Catfishing has been very good. I had an evening off last night so I took my two boys and their cousin for a couple hours. We managed to land a 25+ lb Flathead as a couple smaller ones. We also had some Channel cat action which is always a welcome bite when there are youngsters on the boat.

Primarily the bite has been right around and a couple hours after dark. The bigger fish are still coming on live baits in different varieties.

The Smallmouth Bass bite is certainly getting better but still not as good as it should be. That is going to change quickly I feel as days get shorter and the night time temps drop. We are already starting to see more Shad activity which signals fall is right around the corner. Reaction baits are the preferred bait as always in the summers low clear conditions. Don't let the look at your bait for long or you will have to let them look at it for a LLLOOONNNGGG time. I prefer the quick bite and covering water to look for those bigger, more aggressive fish.

Susquehanna River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report from 7/21/10

WOW, the Smallmouth Bass fishing has been all over the map as fas as action. We have had some really great days and some really bad days. One day the bite is very predictable and the next we are having to work hard for every bite. I guess that is fishing as its essence. Spinnerbaits, soft jerkbaits and topwater baits have caught most of the fish. A few have come on other soft plastics as well. 

The Catfishing is staying very steady. Most action has been after dark with the water staing clear. Numbers have been pretty good with a few big fish mixed in. 

A few Muskies have shown us some action as well. We have landed a couple mid 30's fish and lost several mid 40's fish that would make any Musky fisherman happy.

Susquehanna River Smallmouth Bass Fishing Report from 7/07/10

Just back from a week at the beach at Ocean City Md. and some Flounder Fishing. Great numbers of Flatties (well over 300) but less than 10 keepers for the week. We caught a lot of quality fish over 18", but Marylands legal minimum this year is 19". Our biggest fish this week was 23"  Berkley Gulp and Spro Bucktails caught 100% of the fish.

Back to the Susquehanna...  The Smallmouth fishing is getting back to normal for the summer. Spinnerbaits and topwater is the ticket. Some really good fish have been caught but with the low clear conditions you had better be stealthy or you will spook the fish.

This is the one time of the year that I really want to hit the water early before the Good Lord turns on the heat lamp.

The Flathead Catfishing is really good right now. We are up to 3 fish over 30 lbs with the big fish at 35 lbs caught by Tyler B shown below. athe number have been really god on Flatheads and Channel Cats as well.